Summer Camp X Kelty 2017

I’ve always loved camping and concerts so I was stoked when I found out that I would be going to the Summer Camp Music Festival while on my Wander Lost tour for Kelty. Little did I know that this wouldn’t be like any other event I’d ever been to.


We arrived one whole day before the festival started and after driving on the road to our spot in the field it was time to get the trailer positioned for the big event. We ended up having to have our whole crew push the van and camper I was driving as to keep me moving. Then the next day after we had all unpacked the tents and set up all three of the VIP areas we heard a storm was coming so we went to make sure that the tents we set up wouldn’t fly away. About 15 minutes after we got there it began pouring rain and all the security guards told us we needed to leave and find shelter… After heading back to our tent and the Kelty trailer it started pouring rain, which continued for at least an hour or two leaving all the roads throughout the camp completely muddy and very treacherous to walk through. In some parts of the camp, the mud was almost a foot deep with several inches of water on top. This made for a tough time walking from show to show and I lost my sandals in the mud several times. This made navigating the festival very treacherous and it helped me work on my balance for slacklining and climbing.


Once I taught myself how to navigate throughout the muddy streets and trails of Summer Camp I started checking out the awesome shows that were offered including 3 shows of Umphries McGee, MOE, Primus, and the Wood Brothers. Along with these Jam Band and fold band there were also some of my favorite hip-hop acts such as Run The Jewels and Pretty lights, which both put on amazing shows.

When I wasn’t going to shows with the Kelty team and falling in the mud I was hanging out at our booth talking to festival goers about our product. When there was a lull in the crowds we would invite fellow festival goers over to play a cam or two of Corn Hole or Jenga to pass the time during the hot hours of the day when the temperature would rise over 90 degrees. When it was too hot we would seek shelter under one of the Kelty sunshades and invite others to stop by and talk about their festival experiences.

At the end of Summer Camp all I could think was that it was an amazing time that I would love to experience again, but next time I’ll be bringing rain boots instead of just sandals and regular hiking boots.